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There Is Something Outside

I live in a little island state that is apparently part of Australia, and my property is mostly bush apart from my driveway and the concrete path linking our ‘shed’ to our house.
Our shed is not an actual shed. It is more like another house, I guess, but I am the sole resident. It has a bar, a music studio, a film studio, a games room, art room, a bathroom, two garages and my bedroom. The doors in the shed are unlockable sliding doors, including all the ones leading to outside. I have two doors into my room; a normal wooden sliding door that connects my room to the inside of the shed and a glass sliding door that gives me a full view of the beginning of my driveway which is about 100 meters long and seems to continue forever. All the rest of my family sleeps in the house which is around a 20-meter walk away on the outside concrete path. My bed used to be right next to the glass sliding door and even with my curtains closed, I could see outside. My bed is now away from the glass door.
Now out here, we have a wide range of nocturnal animals. Wallabies, wombats, Tasmanian devils, possums… if it makes loud obnoxious noises at 3 am, we’ve probably got it here. But back when I had my old bed at my window, something didn’t feel right.
I swear I could see an animal watching me… stalking me… I don’t even know if “animal” is the right word. I’ve read a heap of creepypasta posts and horror movies/games are what I’m all about, so I know about a lot of urban legends. What I thought I saw those couple of nights, crawling around in the darkness almost looked like how they describe “the Rake”. If I were to describe it myself, however, I would say that it looked almost human on all fours but with an arched back and the legs looked too twisted and unnatural to be those of a person. It had a wide mouth and its nose was just two nostrils in the middle of its face. Its eyes seemed dead apart from the occasional reflection of the far sensor light every time a leaf blew past the side of the house. Unfortunately, the sensor light was too far away to be of any help in identifying whatever it was. I chalked it up to just being my overactive imagination as I refused to believe that urban legends could exist at all let alone in my part of the world.
For those nights, I wouldn’t sleep. I’d just watch it slowly creeping around, looking in my direction every now and again. I would be frozen in fear until before dawn when it would sneak off behind the trees. When the sleep deprivation started to take a toll on my moods and performance at school, I asked my mum before bed if she could sleep in my room with me for that night. When she asked why I burst into tears and told her everything I saw. She then reassured me that it was my imagination, which I wanted to believe, then agreed to stay that night in my room.
Unsurprisingly, I slept hoping that she would protect me from whatever was out there. In the morning we moved my bed away from the window where it has been ever since, but I’ve never stopped wondering.
I feel like I’m going crazy. Maybe it was just all in my head. I haven’t seen it for about five months now because I’m too scared to open my curtains. Has anyone else had this kind of experience?

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